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Name:SGA Saturday
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Welcome to sga_saturday, where your co-mos, [personal profile] em_kellesvig, lilyfarfalla, popkin16 and esteefee plan to prompt you tri-weekly with a word to stir your SGA imaginings. You will have three weeks to post before the word changes at 4pm Pacific time on Saturdays.

Rules for posting: please post the body of your stories, art, drabbles, recs, vids, etc. here, although you may feel free to also cross post to the AO3. If you do, you can add your work to the corresponding AO3 SGA Saturday collection by typing the prompt word in the "Post to Collections" box and adding a generic "SGA Saturday Prompt Challenge" tag. Please wait a week to cross-post elsewhere. On LJ, tag your posts, and ask us for additional tags in an admin post if you require one. We accept all pairings and relationships, slash and femslash, het and gen, AUs, fusions, and SGA crossovers with other Stargate shows. Fresh works only, created based on the weekly prompt. Please no character bashing, RPF, or non-Stargate crossovers. Warnings if you please out of consideration for our readers.

Amnesty occurs quarterly beginning June 1st. We are in eternal amnesty! Which means you can always select from a previous prompt and post a work with that tag.

Rules for commenting: SGA Saturday does not track IP addresses and allows anonymous comments. Abusive commenting such as personal attacks or spam will be deleted with impunity.

Please let us know if we've forgotten anything; this is our very first community! Poke us in any existing admin post, or send us an LJ email.

sga-saturday banners by the hugely talented and generous crysothemis.
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